Everton FC – Season Review 2013/2014

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MrMG124 says:

Remember Ross scored a worldie against Man City and your own fans booed it? Good times.

Tan Levitt says:

i am planning on making a season review like this for 2016-17
what app did you use for this?

Jacks Gaiming says:

I agree fuck those mancs

NoSnowInJamaica says:

What a decent little ground Craven Cottage was. Gutted Fulham went down me, always had good little players

1878SF says:

everthing about this season was boss,the kits, barkley on fire, players doing the business, bit of desire…bring it back lads

Peter Brennan says:

How did it all turn to shit after that ? RM shouldda been relieved of his duties for allowing it to happen,sooner rather than later.

Aaron Bourke says:

Real great season from both the merseyside clubs hopefully more of the same in the coming season 16/17

logan sullivan says:

I think the 2016/17 season will be similar to this. I believe Ronald Koeman will do us wonders. #COYB

Joel Mui says:

I miss seeing our players play with so much passion

hazza582 says:

I like to watch videos like this, reminds me Everton could play football at one time. Even though we won fuck all, as normal, this is my favourite season in my lifetime.

Curtis Gaming says:

ahhh the good al days when everton weren't shit

Shiny Magikarp says:

Would love if you did another one of these at the end of this season! Lukaku having a stellar season, Naisy had the perfect hattrick. lots of memorable moments. I've seen some ones other people did of 2014/15 but they're honestly pretty average. Just a few moments. Every league goal is truly something special. Thanks again. I could watch this video a thousand times, I probably am getting pretty close as it is 😉

Mick Summo says:

spot on joey mate , BTW fukin awesome video

Joseph Dotson says:

Just look at how many goals mirallas scores from cutting in from the left and shooting near post. Also how effective he was and how passionate he was every time we scored. Now he is sat on the bench behind a very non-reliable player in arouna kone. We have the same players and play the same football but have no ability to close out games. My weekend gets ruined every time we have a lead and cant close out the game. Really hope this changes throughout the second part of the season. #COYB

Everton Luke says:

Absolutely amazing video this mate, definitely the best season review video on here, can't stop watching it… Just hope we can get back to playing this football sooner rather than later… COYB!!!!

Ron Clarke says:

Huckster you

992009danny says:

Look at how mirrales teats to his teammate scoring at 12:48 and compare that to how he reacts now big difference

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