El Nino reveals Stevie G told him to leave Liverpool FC

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john considine says:

click bait title, what a loser…

dilshad hotee says:

best player El-Nino, I've seen in Lfc shirt

Kris_ says:

Will always have a special place in My heart

y1521t21b5 says:

One of our best strikers ever. YNWA

Albin Lundholm says:

Disgusting title

Damotelli says:

So you used Gerrards name to clickbait

Anthony Flynn says:

were ever this bellend gets his headings from wants a slap …

Sir Klopp says:

Don't blame him for leaving to be honest. He wanted to win trophies, and our owners at the time lied. Alonso, Mascherano and Arbeloa would've all been key to any success we could've had but they left.

David T says:

knew it, Slippy only stayed because of death threats!

Ryan Puckrin says:

What is the intro song

Brandon says:

When does he say Gerrard told him to leave?

kurtis howard says:

All welcome home Mr Torres. YNWA

Football Knowledge says:

Hello all Liverpool fans. I just made a video about Liverpools shirt crest through history. Interesting stuff if you ask me 😉 Would you mind checking it out? None the less thank you for even taking time to read this 🙂


It's just very sad that Liverpool don't want to win

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