Eden Hazard vs Manchester United (Away) 16/04/2017 HD 1080i

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Eden Hazard vs Man United
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Stay with me !


Yongen Vansluys says:

i think the title is better 'Ander Herrera vs Chelsea (home)

Kaola says:

Ander still following hazard to his bed right now :)))

NI5HU A. says:

hazard is my fav player but he needs to ALWAYS PUT IN EFFORT if he wants to be the best player in the world. he can't put in performances like this ffs. it's ok to perform bad but at least try. in messi's worst games i still see him dribbling and trying to create chances even if he gets dispossessed. i still see messi always going at defenses and trying to break them down even when he's marked out of the game.
idc if hazard is marked by 3 players. he should be mature enough to handle that crap instead of passing backwards to his teammates all the time.

but then again it doesn't help when you have players like costa beside you always trying to start fights.

tbh, i still expect hazard to win us the title as the rest of the chelsea team slacks off again.

El Gutso says:

Diving Hazard watch out. Don't touch him.

Waheed Miran says:

EDEN HAZARD IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE. I don't care what anyone says everyone has a ok game now and then without this man Chelsea don't have that threat that they do now.

Waheed Miran says:

Stop pin pointing the problems on certain players the whole team wasn't there today they were not prepared it happens. That's just a part of the beautiful game Chelsea will come back stronger and will win the league.

Jose Quispe says:

Suspect of Abduction:
Ander Herrera.
..this video is evidence that Hazzard was at Old Traford..

DeadIyEden says:

imo Hazard played ok, he was constantly followed by Herrera and had three players at him all at once, thats what happens when you're the only real threat at a club, he was a 7/10, made no mistakes, did a few fancy flicks etc but we go again lads.

Seigneur Beerus says:

Kanté fuck Pogba everytime in the match , do a highlight of Kanté's match

Harish Yalamanchili says:

Jose knows the fraud that this chelsea team is interms of passing. They can neither control nor pass the ball.
Everytime a chelsea player touched the ball, they were pressed by ManUTD players. What happened? Chelsea players dont have the basic skill to pass the ball under pressure.
They miss kicked the ball in all different directions.
Fucking Buy players who can pass. Chelsea midfield is a total fraud. Not one of them can pass and ManU have eaten them alive.
If Conte doesnt replace Matic, Alonso and Moses with players who can pass, we will not continue the winning streak.
Buying a player like Luiz who can pass gave a big boost to the defense. Same should happen with midfield, look at tottenham, liverpool, Everyone of them can pass, which makes the opposition task difficult to mark a single player.

The Liquidator says:

If Hazard played for Real Madrid, he will never be in such a position to play this badly. Simply Hazard is too good for Chelsea at this point. The technical ability of some of this Chelsea team is laughable for a "big" club.

Jesus Alhosani says:

Good tactics from Mourinho, they didn't allow him to breathe neither any other Chelsea player

Mazi Pita says:

Eden was awful today

TheoKabala89 says:

Shouldn't this just be a picture of Ander's pocket(?!)

Anoid Roudrigez says:

He was man marked the whole match but I wouldn't say his performance was below average, he played alright.

Terror0121XD says:

You might aswell have put up Herrera highlights instead the guy was practically next to him the whole game

Fompi says:

kante was our best man
even hazard agrees to kante winning the player of the year award
luiz was absolutely trash today

hazard couldnt do anything today because of the man marking, herrera did a good job. but remember, hazard will get back to this surely

Chelsea Videos11 says:

Zouma played 80 mins today, shouldn't that warrant him a video?

Antonio Eid says:

I'm sure a 'David De Gea vs Chelsea (Home) 16/04/2017 HD 1080i' could make a longer video than this. he was lost

Cant think of a name says:

Why what's the point of this one? Only kante and fabregas performed today.

Thiago Vieira says:

o Barcelona deveria tentar contratar o eden hazard para a próxima temporada

Charlie Floyd says:

he went missing today

Vinh phạm says:

do once about kantee

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