Crystal Palace 3-0 Arsenal – Sam Allardyce Full Post Match Press Conference

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Press conference with Crystal Palace manager Sam Allardyce after his side’s 3-0 win over Arsenal in the Premier League.

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His Dudeness says:

Was it just me or do he look fairly confident during the match… even at 0:0?

Key competent for me is that they kept compact, and the long balls out from defense weren't just hoofs out of panic. Arsenal got bullied by stronger players.

His Dudeness says:

28% possession, just sitting there with arms folded looking all laid back whilst chewing on some gum…. "Yeah…. scoreline that counts, though"

rakoczi29 says:

a thoughtful scouser, who can act sensibly, unless the subject is transfers & money; gotta love him 4 saving all these clubs from sinking

Haris Razzaq says:

shame he ain't England manager anymore. would have been great to see what he can do.

Mark Richardson says:

Pound for pound the best English manager of the last 20 years or so. Once he gets his feet under the table his team's do not get relegated and if given time actually thrive.

Dimitar Berbatov says:

Palace has under-performed this year.

Vk Deen says:

for delivery a fantastic arsenal fan tv and chill .. I now forgive allardyce for the whole England thing 😂

Daniel CFC says:

Big sam ladies and gentlemen

th3g00n3r says:

0:36 – Nice ass watch

sandocean17 says:

Liverpool shouldnt have let Sakho go, he is a top top defender

Rodriigo says:

allardyce crédits needed it yep

Michael Petterson says:

come on Sam its not nice to sodomize Wenger like that

Stefan9876 says:

Congratulations,You´ve earned yourself a big fat hamburger.

sangtea man utd says:

Big Sam was so unlucky to be sacked by Blackburn because of those stupid Indian owners he is always so consistant and one of the best manager arsenal should employ him i think

HitMeQuick says:

On behalf of English football, thank you Samuel. That fucking French farce Wenger and his funny foreign import players can fuck off back to Francais. He has a 'ead like zee, err, giant walnut

Ana Sabuza says:

Well done Sam but next year sakho will go back to liverpool

King Power says:

In wenger in wenger in wenger we Trust!!!!

Daniel says:

Give wenger a 10 year contract, he's rebuilding the team 😂😂😂

Frederic DeMazagran says:

Paid off the ref…

dklyde says:

They have a hell of a tough run in.

Kyu Sub Shin says:

Credits to Allardyce, he found Palace's winning formula just when they needed it

david sharpe says:

only in england could a crook manage a premier league club, this man is so bent he makes queers look straight,karma will get you fatso,dont know when but it will

Gonçalo Gameiro Bustorff says:

Second best manager in the league, besides Tony Pulis.

Mujeeb Ahmed says:

Sam Allardyce enjoys beating Wenger more than any other manager.

Forever MCFC says:

good job Sam

AlphaSquare94 says:

Sam Allardyce is doing what I'm doing, making his team GREAT AGAIN on FIFA 17 Career Mode Legendary Difficulty!

Follow my journey to make Arsenal a great football team again! Wenger's time is officially OVER!

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