CHELSEA UNSEEN: Luiz, Zouma & Ake water fight, Willian free kick practice & Costa magic bottleflip

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The players meet the fans at the community day at Cobham, amazing goals score in shoot practice, and some of the players get wet celebrating Songkran!

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Jakub Kowalski says:

Give me 10 years and i play in Chelsea

Manjeet Kumar says:

Too good. That Zouma laughter in the end made my day. David Luiz is a savage.

Tom Andrews says:

Luiz has such a kind heart… he is a beautiful human being. Zouma at the end cracked me up 😂

Akbar Shah says:

What a human david luiz is.(Liverpool fan)

Ziming Kong says:

Love the atmosphere and the dedication in training

Milana Tsivileva says:

* Тhе bоуs! rаtе mу intimаtе рhоtоs рlеаsе!) Сliсk thе link ->>>

Waldemar Drost says:

Ida, jakby z baru :D.

justbando temba says:

Bill Gates,Donald Trump,Mark Zuckerberg,myself and other billionaires wud like to wish you a happy and blessed easter holiday.

Pamamonya ipapo

Eden Hazard says:

2:36 sweet

Robin Nibor says:

David Luiz is amazing with kids, i love that, the man with big heart

fazo Mulla says:

Just love the respect and team ethic of all players and how they get along with each other all of them. It's great. Ktbffh

Muhammad Haidier says:

diego is a lovely man as well ha

Atulo Febriman says:

so funny david luiz hahaha

Arsène Knows Best says:

Alexis > Hazard

Paul Welsh says:

David Luiz likes the minors

2headeagle 33 says:

Ake ate that one.

Sarah O Connell says:

Diego and David are so good with the kids

Rich14Richy says:

Chelsea buy youtube subscribers

Bob Marley says:

Luiz was so sweet with that little girl 🙂


Kante was so good at shooting cos he imagined the obstacles as united players and the keeper as de gea

Mickey Azam says:

Does solanke even train with us anymore ?

srinivas bhargav says:

Ake 😂😂😂 didn't see it coming..

Rage Sports says:

wow songkran <3

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