Borussia Dortmund vs. AS Monaco | 2016-17 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Watch full highlights between Borussia Dortmund and AS Monaco.

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Jovannitube says:

Missing goals? Nice.

Jaxon Price says:

These aren't fricking highlights 2 out of 5 goals? Freaking retards

Ben Dove says:

first goal as Monaco OFFSIDES!!!!

Michael Tinitana says:

They forgot to put the others goals

GoldenGamer says:

They need Barta get well soon🙏🙏

Can Caglayan says:

if you don't know how to put highlights just don't even put it here.

JGGAMER60163 says:

this is all

N03 4EV3R!!! says:

did el shaarawy play?

Liam Fagan says:

I can't believe they got away with that offsides goal. The linesman should have seen that.

Patrick Emery says:

Why doesn't show all goals highlights only kylian mbappe it ended 3-2 but it showing only two goals poor highlights

rio4861 says:

Am I the only one who wishes fox soccer would make quality videos?

Petri Alva says:

2 out of 5 goals??Seriously?

Fallen Angel says:

This is Mbappe vs Dortmund Highlights

Daniel Li says:

Literally the Fox Soccer video just about Mbappe's second goal is 1:09 minutes which is longer than this entire "highlights" video. Smh Fox Soccer.

NoU Games says:

these refs are awful. ruined the Leicester city game too

Sanchez says:

First half terrible. Pulisic and Sahin come at the half and all of a sudden BvB look literally 10x better and score 2 goals.

I wonder why… 🤔🤔🤔

Could it be that if you put you're best players on the pitch then good things will happen…?

MC Benton says:

how are these considered highlights when you only show 2 out of the 5 goals?

John Price says:

Fox Soccer its a 2-3 game and doesn't even have a minute of highlights and shows 2 goals. Seriously why do you even have the rights to Champions League

LolmAster says:

Do fox soccer ever check what they just posted seriously.

dexterfm says:


M T says:

highlights show half the goals. ridiculous

Cardoso 15 says:

where are the other goals???

Azaan Barlas says:

Please hire me as editor I'll do it for free

Luis Aguilar says:

Dortmund weren't mentally ready after the bombing.

Chris Prol says:

When u see two goals and there was 5

admir kacamakovic says:

what happened to the other goals ???

CamBam says:

Two goals out of 5??? What are y'all doing

Dane Matich says:

How are you going to show 2 goals of the 5 in the game lmao

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