Borussia Dortmund vs AS Monaco 2-3 – All Goals and Highlights – Champions League (12/04/2017) HD

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Lilly Strangways says:

I love Borussia Dortmund

GR Desenhos says:

quantos br's ali no Mônaco.

Seb XCV says:

why so many views ?

Pablo Guerra Fuster says:

uefa is shit

Spex Agario says:

i can see the stress at kagawa when he missed and benders OG

DEB Bros says:

Dortmund deserved to win they played well better

tonyhawkarg says:

This champions league is great

tonyhawkarg says:

3:18 LOL

Thumbsdown Bandit says:

Dortmund really bombed that one.

Pleasure2000 says:

money monger UEFA

Deadly Mesh Designer says:

Manchester United sold Kagawa back to dortmund I don't UNDERSTAND!…

thatguy088 says:

is monaco's coach arjen robben with some hair?

Sunil Roy says:

how did u guys manage to upload this video without being "blocked internationally"
if u can't tell me publicly plz reply on my email.

Ringard Willycat says:

M'Bappé super crack

Johnny Kurwa Bravo says:

more immigrants moreeeee Germany moreeee ! 😀 Germanistan in 2040

Mr Otto says:

They Embarassed Dortmund at Home..Now Dortmund Is Gonna Embarass Monaco At Home Extremly

Mathias Eggert says:

Normally dortmund wins this. Monaco is a big club of course, but its not a beauty semi-finalist (if they would make it)

Hasan Arslan says:

Sauberes 2-3 für Monaco der BVB hatte keine Chance das Rückspiel wird auch deutlich für Monaco sein


uefa mafia..

Tudal Le Breton says:

Mbappé <3

Remo Chipatiso says:

What a match it was!

Ggagan Arora says:

Is he Mbabpe or Alex Hunter…

Jay Lopez says:

Dortmund needs russ starting and pullisic next leg ! Easy win if both start mates

Gnral Radik says:

esos Si son mosaicos y aficiones de verdad

##Emre## # says:

Mbappe > Aubameyang

Alex Gkoumito says:

AS Monaco what a team!!

Onur Kalkan says:

wenn münchen oder real attackiert wär würden sie das spiel min. eine woche verschieben scheiß fifa

Francesco Agazzi says:

sinceramente il primo gol del monaco e una bella sfiatella un gol che puo restare impresso negli annali del calcio

I am potato says:

Kagawa!!!!! Nice goal

theresonly1zlatan says:

This why we need VAR (Video Assistant Referee) as soon as possible!

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