Best Chants In Football Clubs History #10 – Crystal Palace

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VK-FCA 1907 says:

CPs Fans are fantastic 😍👍🏽👌🏽

Jude O'Connor says:

I'm a cov fan and respect to the palace boys

jeFF Fury says:

Yepp, agree with lads here, best bunch of fans, this is what support must be like! From Chelsea fan.

Niclas Altendorf says:

Best fans in england, greetings from Hamburg!

KENTÖB as FÜCK says:


Jake 771 says:

Come on palace!

Rhys Da Beast H says:

Intro song?

KLASSIK x says:

You are the only ultras of BPL ?

السعودي علاءالدين says:

I like this funs

Kieran Ward says:

Palace fans are wankers. Stole it from celtic

Unknown User says:

People try to slag palace even though they might not be great there definitely best fans in the premier league there the only fans who don't think there hooligans like all the other idiots in the premier league and only fans who create an atmosphere in the prem

Chris Swanson says:

I'm a palace fan I went to arsenal away😓

Joel Torres says:

do club america from Mexico please

Huddersfield lad FC says:

Please go to these links there htfc fans there awesome

Huddersfield lad FC says:

Huddersfield Town are the same as palace fans

Charlie Clarke says:

Do Wolverhampton wanderas plz

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