BEATEN BARK AND BLUE Everton star Ross Barkley

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Everton star Ross Barkley appears to be floored by two punches from raging thug in sickening nightclub attack caught on CCTV

A man believed to be the England midfielder is seen talking to another man who suddenly swings a huge punch ( USA)
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Chaz Young says:

Football is a cesspit

Guy Homer says:

apparently trying it on with the blokes girl, and when confronted was talking shit about how poor the bloke was and he looked like shit, Barkley's hand gestures looked like he was taking the piss with the lad, guess he fucked with the wrong guy.

Ian Henson says:

Ross i know you need a bit of Normality in this world if theirs such a place, but you earn good money which gives you choice.
You dont have to go to Bars with these sub humans that have no talent and are in bred, theirs only one out come mate and you dont need it. Go live in first class like you deserve , This prick that done this has his rights in this god forsaken country so your
the one that suffers, the victim. Come on Mate get that talent going even if you leave my glorious Everton i accept that, but dont waste what you have, i did and ive regretted it everyday since i swear.

Frozen Tv says:

too bad, that lukaku wasn't there

Алекс 7 says:

Ахаха жесть

dunholm1 says:

After his assaults on Liverpool players during their last game, it wouldn't surprise me to find his attacker was a Liverpool fan. And while I don't condone violence, this is just a thug on the pitch being thumped by one off it.

Dan Jam says:

That's Liverpool for ya

Rocky Lovett says:

barkley diving again 😂

Mads Melingen says:

it was hendo, i guarantee it

simon watts says:

Young lad – but better places to go. Happens to us all. Better to choose friends, girlfriends and places wisely. Look at Stevie Gerrard ?

Rhys Clanford-Roberts says:

That's for those stinking tackles you made in the Darby you little shit 😂

R.O.B. UNiQUE says:

that's for the Lovern & Henderson tackle!

Ebbrell says:

Mental pasient!

Pat H says:

I hope they get he shithouse who did this.

ATG777 ATG says:

what a complete coward. anyone who sucker punches someone like this should go to jail for a long time.

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