‘Arsenal must replace Wenger with Simeone’ – ESPN FC

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ASL SAMA says:

Didn't Arsenal fans mock Chelsea's " boring style of play " under jose for years

But now want Diego??……..

That's weird…..

will graham says:

hate to say this but it wouldn't happen at any other top clubs man u chelski spurs they'd make sure they nailed down contracts. it does my head in the leave it till last minute mentality we do it all the time,before new season kicks off were always ten steps behind or we wait until there's a crisis before anything gets done. #stressedoutgooner

Aazym Parkash says:


Taz Ali says:

Can't wait until Wenger announces his 2year deal.. whoop whoop

Kelvin Fraser says:

Simeone would be great but I don't think he will leave his club

Max Sch says:

There is literally no reason for either Simeone or Allegri to go to Arsenal.

Jithin Prakash says:

Simeone will not come to Arsenal.
1) Why would he want to leave Atletico Madrid Who is doing better in champions league even though they are slightly struggling in La Liga they have some quality players and can challenge for title next season they got better chance of winning silverware than Arsenal. (Unless Arsenal can offer him a appealing wage.)
2) He said after Atletico Madrid he like to work in Inter MIlan or at Argentina national team.

Green Leader says:

Tuchel ,Allegri or Simone ,heck I will take gunnersaurus over Wenger ! lmao

fran991213 says:

Sineone don't speak English, so nope

Rogue Cop says:

Why would Simeone or Alegri leave? Their clubs are better positioned for the futue than Arsenal!….Maybe Simeone as he will never overturn Barca or Real. #wengerout

Jonas filberg says:

Agreed. 🙏

64Fabby says:

I'd have the presenter as manager, she'd get me going on the field with a few favours off it 😉

Ragnar Lodbrok says:

knowing arsenal it will probably be Brendan ROgers..

lockdown172 says:

who the fook is that guy

Larry Adjei says:

She's 🔥

Invincieblez Music says:

Cue the Wenger apostles 'but Simeone doesnt play our style of football though. It wont work!' What STYLE of football is that exactly? Are we a counter attacking team? No. Possesion? No…We are a team stuck with a manager still trying to play 04 fantasy football when times have moved on rapidly. Coquelin and Xhaka aint Vieria and Edu. Iwobi and Walcott aint Pires and Ljungberg and even Sanchez aint Henry. We need pragmatic football to get results, not expansive faux tiki taka to beat Sunderland and West Ham regularly; United, Chelsea and Bayern once every 4 years or so but get bummed by them 6-0, 5-1 etc every other time.

rabia rafa says:

Please wenger to live please

Marilyn Thistlethwaite says:

Why on earth would Allegri or Simeone leave a Champions League side to join a club in freefall who have no prospect of Champions League in the foreseeable future ?

Abimbola Okubule says:

Jorge Sampoli

Abimbola Okubule says:

Thomas Tuchel

Abimbola Okubule says:

Enersto Valverde

Nicer Dicer says:

Arsenal needs Jogi Löw he has a smell for success #EauDeSack 👌

M R says:

Max Allegri would be the best replacement for Wenger

jim focus says:

Arsenal Soccer club is in shambles

Don Spartan says:

simeone or ancelotti

White Liberal says:

Wenger can stay for another two years at least… he's a legend!!

Mujeeb Ahmed says:

I don't see simeone coming to Arsenal.

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