Arsenal complete 3-0 rout of West Ham

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Arsenal scored three second half goals to earn the victory over West Ham on Matchday 31.


Israel Mendez says:

what the fuck is on bellerin head

Rj Osbourne says:

That ref was out of his mind

Nate Mitten says:

2 penalties not given

Farhan Marco says:

byram should have been sent off

anty12332 says:

the fan at the end, "wow, wow"

Assist King Özil #Arsenal says:

One of the worst refereed games ever

Steve Chu says:

Referee is a disgrace to PL.

WhySoComplex says:

Ref has autism shouldve been a 5-0 sweep

Fifa2cheata says:

Fucking shit referee

Ramon Martinez says:

That dumbass reff!

Hypervenom 3161 says:

Yeah gunners took that dub 👌👏⚽️❤️

Capo Gainz says:

soccer is starting to look like the NBA. Dominated by black people

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