‘Arsenal are standing still’ – Premier League Tonight – BT Sport

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RainKing says:

Humphrey: Let's hear from Moh, he's an Arsenal fan…

Moh: Saprotrophic nutrition is a process of chemoheterotrophic extracellular digestion involved in the processing of dead or decayed organic matter. It occurs in saprotrophs or heterotrophs, and is most often associated with fungi and soil bacteria.

Lickety-split says:

Fucking hell. What is that clown doing on here?

Rijo Mathew says:

spine of Liverpool is worse than Arsenal
hahaha biased slippy

Chris Rutledge says:

Another problem is that Arsene seems to be surrounded by yes men, what is Steve Bould doing, I was under the impression he was hired to sort out the defensive, there's no passion throughout the whole club

coalikesdesi says:

hoddle happy spurs above arsenal for the first time since he was playing for them.

Ronaldo Messi says:

Arsenal were 2nd last year lads

RS1248 says:

Wrighty you LEGEND!!!

Usman Khan says:

respect to ian wright 100percent right

quityojibbajabbaa says:

Ian Wright needs to be at Arsenal in some way. He doesn't mince his words at all!


wenger is the best manager …he's just tied down….give him a couple more years. .he'll get u glory

Gurdita Singh says:

Blud: 0
Fam: 0
Where troopz !!

tipupa says:

Respect to Ian Wright. He is the only Ex Pro that has the balls to speak up.

Kizza4life says:

from kroenke to the kit man haha

Roger Powell says:

The current situation at Arsenal is very much a lose, lose scenario. This season has been nothing short of a disaster.

With Arsene Wenger, he had the safety net of finishing in the top four every season and that is his excuse for not challenging for the title or winning silverware. It's clear now that excuse has worn thin and the fans are demanding much more than that.

At this moment we sit 21 points behind Chelsea and 17 points behind our fiercest rivals. We've gone out in the Champions League yet again in the last 16. To be beaten 1-5 at home by Bayern Munich was hard to watch and was an indication of just how many steps backwards we've taken. This season as an Arsenal fan, I have to face the very real prospect of not seeing us finish in the top four and if that happens, the board will not act and replace Wenger with anyone else, because they'll have the mindset that next season Arsene will turn it around.

If we do finish in the top four, then that'll be justification for Arsene Wenger to warrant a new contract by the board which will divide the fans even more. For the long term betterment of Arsenal Football Club, Arsene Wenger needs to be removed as manager and someone else needs to come in with fresh ideas and a new approach.

Deadpool 187 says:

ArsenalRelated HQ, why the fuck do you keep on deleting my comments?

Abdullah a says:

i hope we loose every game from now on. Wenger fucking out

Aron Mahal says:

steven gerrard made a very good point , all big clubs in top flight have good fresh managers , arsenal grinding with arsene wenger ass, why would you expect arsenal to win , its a shitty management , with a shitty manager on top of shitless players,
check mate

Johnny Sounds says:

Agh Steve G with his Liverpool , 😀 fuck off already ur shit!!!

Al Razi says:

Lol at Gerrard trying to put Liverpool in the same bracket as Chelsea and Spurs.

Liverpools "Spine" is average. Mignolet Matip Lovren Henderson Wijnaldum Coutinho Mane is not a top class Spine.

Its only under Klopp that these players are overperforming only Coutinho is potentially world class.

Liverpool are average.

Raja Khan says:

Gerrard is happy af the Scouse cunt.

Joshua Vitos says:

Wish i could get a job paying $16,000 a day where I could not perform the task i'm being paid to do and use the excuse of 'lack of confidence' to have no accountability.


Arsenal is a disgrace

Dannon Dale says:

Can't wait till Wenger goes, and Kroenke fucks off. One day…One Day…

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