Arsenal 0 Crystal Palace 3 | Arsene Wenger Needs To Walk! (Passionate Rant)

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Arsenal 0 Crystal Palace 3 | Arsene Wenger Needs To Walk! (Passionate Rant) Lee Judges
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Ethan says:

Unbelievable that Wenger says the uncertainty doesn't affect the players. Ludicrous

ibn sabah says:

excellent job arsene Wenger.

Usman Haidar says:

first time i seen lee say wenger damn the tide is turning

simtom says:

would you walk from 8 mill a year? thats 150k a week.

UnbelievablyGauche says:

You gotta blame the players.

UnbelievablyGauche says:

They beat Chelsea…of course they stood a chance against Arsenal.

Sean SRTW says:

Wonder what they will say when they win the league next season

Nitro says:

A white arsenal fan :-O

Trail Blazing says:

Even Leicester are having a better season!!!

Razwana Khan says:

If Sanchez is World Class then it wouldn't make any difference if he plays wide left or not……..I seem to remember last season Sanchez scoring from wide left.

joe brown says:

COYS! That will be all..

High-Level Noob says:

It's true people, Wenger is running Arsenal and it takes no less than an assassination to get rid of him

Nick Soccer says:

I thought wenger had to go when he bought that mop head elneny or whatever his name is. that's the center mid you want? that fuckin trash??

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