Andrea Belotti – Chelsea FC Target – Goal Show 2016/2017 | HD

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Rafael J says:

Might score more than Diego

sandy BAN says:

i love all ur videos u are amazing keep it up the goodwork can u do john terry video

JordyLad96 says:

Love those one touch finishes, this types of striker is clutch when defences congest the space.

Vukan Cvetković says:

Could you make "Chelsea FC Target" about Sergej-Milinković Savić?

Daniel Lee says:

Van dijk or Benjamin Mendy please!

Yamucinni Facimmampressa says:

strength old heart grenade
Forza Toro!!!

Bile yare says:

welcome to blueS

Poras Srivastava says:

I think well buy him or morata.
I don't like lukaku that much.

Ryan Bradley says:

I'm not hating on the guy, but he is always scoring headers or lucky tap-ins

Marcus Jr says:

I much prefer Lukaku and Morata, if we have to pay the same price for either this guy or Lukaku then it has to be Lukaku surely? If we don't get Lukaku this guy can certainly score goals so can't be too upset

AKProds says:

Great video mate, I love all your work so keep going and I hope for the best for you <3 🙂

Joshua Fashoro says:

people saying he is just a goal poacher but he is also quite clinical, two qualities I think Costa needs to improve on.

Neptune ! says:

excellent video man

이태호 says:

Great vid 🙂
by the way whats the song please?

Luke Bashian says:

My top 3 striker targets and how much Chelsea should be maximum

1 Lukuku 75m
2 morata 70m
3 belotti 60m

Luv MDNA says:

Lol he only scores with his head

Henri A says:

Look at the people who don't know him saying he's nothing but a goal poacher.

Henri A says:


michael okans says:

i only want Chelsea to buy two players next season Alexis Sanchez and kun Aguero …..please thanks…..blues forever

kunle johnson says:

we bought hazard for 35m no way dis guy is worth 80m.

BlueBoyHUN says:

Most of his goals are lucky tap-ins or headers. Half of these shots hit the goalkeeper aswell. I think he is one of the most overrated footballers right now. Clubs just want to buy him so others cant have him.

Rewind Remix NCS says:

awesome vid


Alvaro Morata next?

Joseph Cole says:

Not pretending I'm an expert, but to me he just looks like a really good goal poacher, and for the money Torino are asking for he just doesn't look worth it. If Conte wants a poacher we may as well put Tammy Abraham in the first team next year.

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