Alexis Sanchez vs West Ham United | 4/5/2017 | HD

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Jemíl Futbol says:

how do you upload without issues?

AngerMan Misterios says:

@03:19 enserio, enserio???? enserio, wn????

Pablo Naranjo says:

Alexis te la pone donde quiere.


Alexis dejate de gastar tus energías en ese equipo muerto.
buscate otro equipo

CyberJuanito says:

oh los qls malos wn alexis sal de ahi

Jose Ascencio says:

alexis the best el mejor n'1 del mundo! 2017

Daniel Zapata says:

simply Alexis the best of his team

Dagnaw Teshome says:

alexis is best and he motivate the team

Zaven Karafelyan says:

alvaro sanz paredes says:

mira esas habilitaciones papuuuu

Diego Acosta says:

5 inmejorables habilitaciones de gol. Impresionante.

Carlos El tuco says:

Ojalá se vaya luego de Arsenal,,,puro Troncos y entrenador loser

Oscar Araya says:

puta el equipo malo wn, si no fuera por alexis XD

gtg 1426 says:

Basically, if you watch 1:04, 1:37, 2:16 and 3:19, you'll see that he could (or should) have ended with 4 assists. His team mates should at least be hitting those shots on target. Unbelievable.

Nelson Bown says:

brilliant 👍

Gustavo Espinoza says:

grande Alexis

dream team says:

que pases que mete el ql wow

Charles R's says:

Monster, master, the best.

Magaly Mancilla says:

sos un Genio Alexis

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