2010-11 West Bromwich Albion v Wolves

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Shiralee Collins says:

Love Albion

spiritwolf AJ says:

I soporific both teams XD

Uncle Pig says:

Good old Carlos

Sam Evans says:

boing! boing!

Charlie Clarke says:

love how he shows like 5 seconds of the wolves goal and 1 minuet on the albion goal

The Ranting Wolves Fan says:

Stupid west brom

ChelseaFcTheChamps says:

Greatest Premier League season to date.

Bagg1e5 says:

Vela, villa

TheWbako says:

The celebrations in the Millennium Corner after that goal were nuts. Good memories.

holmleighnyd says:

Too close to Villa (Aston)

Tom_105 says:

Why's it a rather unfortunate name?

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