2006-07 Wolves v West Bromwich Albion play off semi final, 1st leg

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Dean Kiley’s finest hour for the Albion. Mad Mick wasn’t too pleased.


Bagg1e5 says:

wish we could play wolves in a cup, 5 years since the last meeting

Jack Breckell says:

Come on you baggies!!!! =)

Sir J says:

Can't believe this was 9 years ago! Still reckon we could've won if Murray had'nt got injured in the warm-up

Azazel 666 says:

come on Wolverhampton. ….Play Up Pompey

MadFists //AHJJ says:

you suck wolves come on west brom

Baggies 5468 says:

Great game..Boing Boing!

TheDeathJesters says:

What a game! Pretty much sums up the intensity and passion behind Black Country derby's. i just wish people would leave rivalries on the pitch though, all this hatred, violence and name calling is ridiculous. Just enjoy the game, win or lose. I'm a Wolves fan, but im always happy to see teams like West Brom and Aston Villa etc in the Premier League representing Midlands football. It's nice to have a rivalry, but people take it way too far. 

baggies5468 says:

Pint of bitter Donald?

stuart handley says:

what a stuffing on your ground super kev you loved it dingles

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